Native of Africa, the ostrich is the biggest bird of the world and lays the biggest one of all the eggs. The egg is the symbol of fertility. Egg symbolism in his natural state has been transmitted to the decorative egg. Form of art appearing in various cultures of the antiquity, the decorative eggs reflect the culture…, rich artistic demonstration of meaning. In the Antiquity, this is with the Persian ones that starts the custom to offer decorated eggs. Suggestions to perpetuate the tradition in a modern spirit and a lot of brightness: the decorated eggs presented on a support are perfect to create a pretty setting, decorate the tables, a console, ….The decorated eggs are also objects of collection. Arte decoration design and realizes since 2003, all a range of decorated ostrich eggs with more varied motives. Portraits, old maps, animals, landscapes, …more than 250 designs are available. In addition, it is possible to personalize the decoration according to the motives and wishes of the customer. These eggs emptied, cleaned and disinfected got all the authorizations of the customs to be imported.