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Decorated Ostrich Eggs

Art for Passion

Native to Africa, the ostrich is the world's largest bird and places the world's largest egg. The egg is the symbol of renaissance and fertility. The symbolism of the egg in its natural state has been transmitted to the decorative egg. Art form appeared in various cultures of antiquity, decorative eggs reflect culture, artistic demonstration is rich in meaning. In Antiquity, it is with the Persians who saw the day the custom of offering decorated eggs.Suggestions to perpetuate the tradition in a modern spirit: decorated eggs,presented on a stand, are perfect for decorating tables, shelves, etc., they can also be collectibles and decorative items. Arte decoration designs and manufactures the whole range of ostrich eggs decorated with a variety of motifs. Portraits, ancient maps, animals, landscapes,more than 250 decorations are available. In addition, it is possible to customize the decoration according to the customer's designs and wishes. These emptied, cleaned and disinfected eggs have obtained all customs approvals to be imported and distributed in the European community.

The elegant fusion of art and nature, a true joy for the eyes and soul.

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